Having failed to get a world record by running up a tall tower many times in succession twice now (2012 & 2013) I decided I needed a radical change of direction. Literally.

However, I've just discovered I'm expected to have raised my 150 target IN TOTAL, BEFORE the Big Abseil I'm doing on Saturday, which has come as a bit of a shock. Raising money for local charity 'Youth Bank', which funds Buckinghamshire projects for younglings, I'll be facing my fear - not of heights. I'm fine with those. I've a phobia of rope though. Also, falling, sudden stops and death, etc - by walking down the 200ft wall of Aylesbury's County Council office building (you'll remember it if you've seen it!) on the end of a thin piece of over-grown fishing line.

I'll do this while dressed as King Kong (naturally) and really need some extra fund-raising support! I'm in the local paper this week, etc etc but if any GAGB forum users can be persuaded to help a youth charity by visiting http://www.localgiving.com/whatgoesup that would be super-kind and double-amazing of you. Thank you in advance!