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Thread: Hi from the North East; County Durham.

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    Default Hi from the North East; County Durham.

    Great to be here. Looking forward to some stimulating cache related chat. Anyone else from East Durham on here, Seaham, Murton that kind of area?

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    Hi and welcome.

    The forums (in general, not just this one) are pretty quiet these days and most chat seems to happen in the Facebook groups.

    There is a GAGB group (link here) which is for UK and Ireland, but there are also several regional facebook groups.

    There is a 'File' on the tabs in the GAGB group - these are the ones in the North East (just copy/paste the following titles into the facebook search bar)

    North East England
    - Durham Cachers
    - Geocaching North East
    - Geocaching in the North East of England

    Also, look out for local events - a good way to meet local cachers and pick up some tips. There is a GAGB calendar that is updated regularly.

    If you have any questions ... ask away.

    GAGB member since 2005
    GAGB Committee member 2010 to 2016 (Chair 2012 to 2015)
    UK Mega Event Chairman 2009 (Weston-super-Mare)

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