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Thread: Hi from Gloucestershire

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    Default Hi from Gloucestershire


    I have been a member here for nearly a year, but have not been active till now. I have checked in a few times though, to read Seeker is one reason.

    Been caching for a few years, but my stats are not up there with others who have been doing for the same amount of time. I am interested in caching in all of its forms, and other location based GPSr activities. As long as it gets me outside it's good

    Neal "Gackt"

    (Second time tried to post, hope it works this time. Think my sig link stopped me as I'm new, so have disabled it.)
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    Hi Neal - you're not so new but I know how you feel about people who've found lots in a space of time 😀

    Welcome on here.

    Caching since 2001
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