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Thread: Hello from Cornwall!

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    Default Hello from Cornwall!

    Hi all and thank you for having us. We are a Daddy and daughter team who both love being outdoors. We found a cache about three years ago but, as Little C was still in a pushchair, didn't take it any further. Now we both love geocaching as it's a great mix of being outdoors and a world wide treasure trail! Little C even understands that we can't just take anything we want from caches now so that saves me explaining it every time we find one.

    Little C is very keen for us to make our own "treasure chest" and put it out there for other people to find. I've got a few good locations and hiding ideas in mind already, but have decided I need to talk to someone with more experience about permissions first.

    So, that's it... hello

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    Hi and welcome

    If you have any questions regarding setting your own cache - ask away and we will see if we can help.

    If you haven't already seen this page, then worth having a read through.
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