I have just had my GC4PQZE Multi-cache Losing My Religion - Cover Versions which is a photo trail where finders have to go 8 co-ordinates and see which photo was taken from that location. if they are correct this will lead to the location of the final and log book.

My problem is I and some other cachers can see the required pictures when viewing the cache page but some cachers have reported that they are unable to see the photos and thus can not complete the cache.

I guess the reviewer could see them in order to publish the cache. I wrote the page using HTML codes and the photos are published on my flicker page and I down loaded them to the cache page gallery. The reviewer has since removed the logs that I downloaded them with and they are no longer displayed in the gallery.

Any ideas what is going wrong and more importantly how do I fix it.

PLEASE HELP if you can.

If you look at the page please let me know if you can see the pictures