The nomination period for the position of GAGB Chairman for 2013/2014 is now open.

Any GAGB Member may nominate a member or second a nomination. Members who have been nominated and seconded are asked to accept or decline their nomination in this thread.

This thread will be locked at the end of the nominations period and anyone who has not been seconded and accepted during this period will not be considered as a candidate for election.

Dates are as follows:
Nominations for Chairman open: Thursday 17/10/13
Close of nominations for Chairman: Wednesday 23/10/13
Election for Chairman: Friday 1/11/13 – Tuesday 5/11/13

The returning officer for this election is Mike of "Ladybug Kids", who is Vice President of Geocachealaska

Candidates for the Chairman position are requested to send one CV / election statement to Mike ( ) which will be published in a locked ‘Candidate Chairman CVs’ thread after the nomination period has closed.

A ‘Candidate Chairman Discussions and questions’ thread will also be opened at that time.

More information about the annual elections can be found in section N of the constitution and Seeker issue 16