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Thread: Unusual ideas for multis any ideas

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    Question Unusual ideas for multis any ideas

    I am really struggling trying to build a wherigo so am thinking of other unusual ways of organising a multi. One idea I am playing with is UV pens and black light . Do you think this would make it a 5* difficulty as it would need special equipment I am thinking of not supplying the UV torch. I would mention it in the log so cachers knew what they needed to bring. I have placed the cache in a place that again needs special equipment or teamwork to retrieve and replace so am thinking this could be a 5/5. any thoughts or other unusual ideas?

    Also does anyone know if co-ords writen with UV pen count as a physical or non physical waypoint?

    This will be the last multi in my Losing My Religion series which visits the sites of lost Churches in Norwich. The others include a photo trail, a question and answer trail where you have to identify which question to answer at whch way point and 2 simple question and answer trail.
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    I would say just because it needs a UV pen doesn't automatically make it a D5. Personally I would work out what the difficulty would be without the UV, then add half or maybe 1 star to that because of the pen, particularly if you're telling cachers the pen will be required.

    My understanding of the physical vs non-physical waypoint is that if you put something at the waypoint then it's physical, however if you're using a part of the natural landscape (e.g. a street sign), then it's non-physical. As I assume you're putting a card/container at the waypoint with the UV writing on it, rather than writing graffiti on someone elses property, then I would say it was a physical.

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    UV stages are classified as SOAM-Stage of a Multi, but will be allowed more leeway over proximity.

    However, if your putting one exposed to sunlight, it will quickly degrade. Also under certain lighting conditions, or at certain angles, they can be read without Black Light

    They are SOAM, because the cache owner, is putting something belonging to them at the location.

    From the HelpCentre

    UV geocaches are a variation on night geocaches, where geocachers seeking the geocache will need to use a UV flashlight. Geocache owners of UV geocaches must include the UV attribute on the geocache page.
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