I am really struggling trying to build a wherigo so am thinking of other unusual ways of organising a multi. One idea I am playing with is UV pens and black light . Do you think this would make it a 5* difficulty as it would need special equipment I am thinking of not supplying the UV torch. I would mention it in the log so cachers knew what they needed to bring. I have placed the cache in a place that again needs special equipment or teamwork to retrieve and replace so am thinking this could be a 5/5. any thoughts or other unusual ideas?

Also does anyone know if co-ords writen with UV pen count as a physical or non physical waypoint?

This will be the last multi in my Losing My Religion series which visits the sites of lost Churches in Norwich. The others include a photo trail, a question and answer trail where you have to identify which question to answer at whch way point and 2 simple question and answer trail.