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Thread: Hi From Accrington

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    Default Hi From Accrington

    Hi Everybody

    A quick introduction, my name is Bob (Tarot) and I live in Accrington Lancashire. I have been Geocaching since late 2006 but have only found just over 300 caches. Most of these were found in a very active one year period and then family and work commitments took priority and I have been very inactive for the past few years. I started out with the original yellow Etrex but now use a Dakota 20, and have a Magellan 110 to lend to friends or use as a backup GPSr.

    Geocaching has never been about the numbers for me but always an escape from daily life into the countryside and visiting new and interesting locations. I hope to get out a lot more soon and become more involved in the Geocaching community

    Over the past few years I have always tried to keep up to date online, and recently I discovered the GAGB website. I'm not sure how I missed this excellent site and forum before or why I never joined, but I am here now. I have also joined the GAGB Facebook group which seems very active with lots of interesting and current topics.

    Regards Bob (Tarot)
    Invenire Et Conservare

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    I have a Geocaching problem...
    Work gets in the way!

    * Cache Walker -Caching by byway, not highway!
    Walking and Caching in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire areas

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    Welcome from me as well

    Admin on the GAGB facebook group

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