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Thread: Hello there.

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    Default Hello there.

    Hiya everybody.
    I was introduced to this geocaching lark in June this year (2013) by some friends who had recently joined themselves. Although I'd heard of it before, I'd never really researched it, or looked into it at all!
    They called us and asked us to join them doing one half of the "high and low" series at Pirbright. After doing this and having a very nice walk through the countryside, I decided to join.
    That's all it took really. Myself and the two kids are really into it, and although my wife enjoys it, I think she enjoys the walks with the family more than the geocaching. Having said that, she does like that "I've found it" feeling as much as the rest of us.
    At this time, were just about to hit the 100 mark. We've only really done caches in areas that we visit regularly, but we're now starting to go out to places specifically for the caching.
    Likes: Well hidden, but in plain view types - the sort of ones that you'd walk straight by if you were a muggle, but using that "caching eye" that we're developing, it gets noticed. Also walking out and about in areas that we would never have seen normally.
    Dislikes: People who don't log TBs as taken. At the moment I'm after a particular TB to complete a set. When the previous owner told us he'd dropped it off we went straight for it, only to find that someone had picked it up on the same day as it was dropped a week previously. They've still got it, but aren't replying to emails.
    Anyway that's me. I'll try and follow the forum rules as best I can and hope to meet some fellow cachers in due course.

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    Hello and welcome.

    Glad you decided to go out with your friends that day and have carried on.

    Hope you soon manage to get hold of the TB you are after - I see that the cacher has now retrieved it so I expect you will be watching their movements closely now to see where it ends up.

    I did a similar cache (collect the TBs) years ago (2005) but they were set free all over the UK.
    The first 3 TBs were found over a 3 mth period but then it took me about 2.5yrs to find the final one and then another 18mths before I could get the final. (which was near the Scottish border) so in the end the search lasted nearly 5 yrs. Link to log
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