Hi guys, I have just got my first Chirp Chip and was hoping to use it for a Multi in the local area, as a test piece for further such caches.

However I was hoping to put a grand description of the next cache, and how to find all the bits necessary, and even suitable parking area.
It appears that the only info I can put is limited to about 8 words, so not what I thought I could put. ... that's problem 1.

The second problem is that where I intend to hide the Chirp, If I walk past with the GPS, it does not lock on and sometimes I have waited for 20 minutes for that to happen.
If I switch the GPS Off then back On, it usually finds it straight away. Has anyone any similar experiences. Surely that is not the way to do it.

With the limited amount of info which can be put, I was wondering what use are these devices, a good sheet of A4 in the first cache may be better.