I have just had a discusion with John Richards who is the Ranger Manager of Flintshire County council's Countryside Service. To discus the location of a CITO Event. During the conversation he made me aware that whilst he is Pro geocaching he is aware of caches on land owned/managed by his department for which permission has not been obtained, he has actualy found some of them. His main concern is that he has no contact details for these caches.

If you own or suspect that a cache you own is on land owned or managed by Flintshire County Council, will you please contact me and I will pass on Johns phone no to you. As stated John is Pro geocaching and just wishes contact details for the caches already placed. By contacting him you will not only be supporting geocaching in Flintshire but will help to keep him a advocate of geocaching.

Over the next few days I will be contacting all the owners of caches on Flintshire CC's land with the request. With all the recent problems that our Reviewers are having with landowners, we must not loose this chance of keeping a major landowner on our side by inactivity!