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Thread: Old boys/girls network

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    Default Old boys/girls network

    Reading through some comments on FBook and comments regarding the change needed and getting the old boys/girls network out so as everything can be changed for the good.
    Without the old boys & girls there would not be a GAGB as we kept it going when others couldn't be bothered.
    As for change and the new guard, I can't really see what has been changed since I resigned apart from the following:
    Digital newsletter no longer hosted on the GAGB server, not a good move in my opinion.
    Donations bar not regularly updated (or no donations coming in)
    Still no FULL end of year accounts due to the fact that the then treasurer would not work from 6 months of my figures, in which case there will never be a full end of year statement because the new always inherits 6 months from the old
    Website still almost the same as it was when I left (as it was when I changed it from the green one) just a couple of pages updated.

    Not having a dig at anybody but thoroughly fed up with people forever moaning about the 'old guard', during my time I saw people who thought it was easy, come and go.
    Oh well 3 new people on this year now so I hope that they all last the full term.

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    Thanks for your post Richard.

    As you say, for many years there was a core committee that kept things ticking along behind the scenes which wasn't always obvious to the members (I know because I was a regular forum user for 5yrs before joining the committee and even asked that question once). Having been on the committee with you, I know that you put a huge amount of time and effort in and were always pushing us forward and coming up with ideas.

    I understand that there may not be much visible progress in the last year and we all agree that there are things that we wanted to get out there sooner - but just haven't managed it.

    Obviously, the core project is the website and Cass explained in one of the threads the amount of re-programming she has done on it in her spare time. We are pretty much at a stage to release it - then we can can additional features to it. We have been throwing extra ideas/requests at Cass .. but she tells us 'one thing at a time!'

    Donations - not had any through the website for several months, so the bar is correct.

    Accounts - Whilst northking was treasurer he choose to do a summary for the members but supplied copies of bank and paypal statements for the previous 12 mths to the committee.

    Since he resigned at the end of July, I have been standing in as treasurer (due to nobody willing to do it) and have kept a detailed spreadsheet which I have backdated to beginning of this financial year (April). The committee were given a copy at the 6mth period and I will be passing the spreadsheet onto the new treasurer when one has been appointed.

    I hope that we will soon have more to show the members and that the current and incoming members (and even the candidates that weren't successful) can all contribute in the many different areas.
    GAGB member since 2005
    GAGB Committee member 2010 to 2016 (Chair 2012 to 2015)
    UK Mega Event Chairman 2009 (Weston-super-Mare)

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