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    Probably ridiculously simple as I am sure I am overlooking something but is it possible to search on the geocaching website for caches with a given terrain and difficulty rating?

    I want to search for 5,5's just out of curiosity.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I don't think you can do that from the search page but if you're a premium member then you can create a Pocket Query to search for caches with particular D/T combinations. I think you can also search by D/T on

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    On your profile page, go to "search for geocaches".

    When the page loads with the list of caches, click on the D of the D/T column. The list will then show the highest difficulty caches.

    Do the same with the T, and it'll show the nearest high terrain caches.

    Click on either again, and the D/T 1/1 caches will show.

    Just experiment with clicking lots of places!!

    BUT......The D/T ratings are only a guide!... Everyone interprets the ratings differently.
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