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Thread: Meet the GAGB Committee - 2nd Feb 2014

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    Default Meet the GAGB Committee - 2nd Feb 2014

    Myself and a few members of the committee members will be hosting the following lunchtime event on Sunday 2nd February 2014 - so come along and meet us and ask any questions you have about the GAGB.

    A Cheese Roll anyone? (GC4WR6X)

    The Cheese Rollers Inn
    GL51 4XJ

    12 noon to 2pm

    Earlier in the day, there is the prospect of seeing a 5* bore on the River Severn. (link to information about Severn Bore)

    There is an earthcache (GCN6EP) and event (GC4VTVG) for the bore.
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    The 'Cuckoo Cache (could be anywhere)' ( will also be at the 5* bore event.

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    Looking forward to seeing all the GAGB folks again, as well as my first bore - fingers crossed. Thanks to the hosts for making the effort to set these meets up.

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