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Thread: Looking for geocashing partner! ASAP!

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    Default Looking for geocashing partner! ASAP!

    Hello I'm looking for a geocashing partner to go cacheing with
    i get very bored going on my own and my mum and dad don't like geocashing
    i live in debden near saffron walden if you would like to come with me send me a pm or email
    thanks jamie

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    Hi Jamie

    I hope you find a family that you join up with soon - have you tried contacting your local geocachers with families?

    If you could get along to a weekend event, that would give you more chance of meeting someone of a similar age.

    There is an event near Billericay on Sat 15th Feb - are you able to get down there? GC4T2F2

    Good luck and hope you get out soon to find some more geocaches.

    PS - As requested I have amended your user name from JamieBoy1234 to bluekipper98
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    You could attent events and make friends there!

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    Hi there,

    if you're still up for some caching of the Geolympix kind, as per another thread, I have still to complete 3 of the 5 loops.
    Although I think it best to wait until the ground is less slippery.
    Maybe April/May time.
    If so, keep me in mind for future reference.
    You can PM me through my profile at as I rarely venture on these forums. Good luck with your partners search.
    Events are the best way I'd agree.

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