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    I am holding an event at Nottingham Airport (not East Midlands) where we are hoping to have reps from some of the major mega events attend, in order that they can give out more information about their plans.

    It would also be good if a GAGB rep could attend and chat to cachers about the role of the association. Therefore, if anyone is available on March 12th in the evening, please do come along. Details here:~

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    I don't know where I'll be working in March but have made a note of it in my diary.
    If I need to come to the East Midlands in March, I will try and work it around this (but sometimes don't have much flexibility). Will let you know in a few weeks once I get my March schedule planned.
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    I'll be there representing the Ayrshire Mega, so I can always wear my GAGB hat too
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    Too far for me but have a great event

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