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Thread: Why do we have TB 'Visits'

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    Default Why do we have TB 'Visits'

    There are several geocachers locally that seek out TBs to add to their collection, and never seem to move them on. They collect from all our local geocaches and the TB never sees the light of day again.

    All they do is 'Visit' local geocaches to bump up the mileage on the TBs they hold. In fact I think they do it all from their computers back at home, without actually going to the geocache site.

    If they were unable to 'visit' geocaches then the hundreds of TBs that they hold could populate a whole county's geocaches, and increase the pleasure of geocaching to many more people.

    Surely the rules governing 'visits' should be changed to stop this happening. Are you a TB Hog with more than say 4 TBs?

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    We currently hold a very special Geocoin at the moment that we will pass on to someone in due course in line with the owners wishes. We "visit" it into various caches just to show we still have it and haven't forgotten we've got it!

    Don't understand why anyone would keep a TB or a coin for long under normal circumstances though. :

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    I know when I started caching back in 2007, Groundspeak sent you a reminder if you held onto a trackable for more than 2 weeks. Perhaps this feature needs to be brought back.
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    People with personal trackables can see how far they have travelled, and it also helps with distance if a TB or coin are in a race.

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    Default Geocoin visits

    I have a few personal coins and tags, I visit them to caches just to see how far I have traveled. If I pick up a coin or tag I move it on as soon as possible. 😁

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