I have found a company that will save us all from high 3G internet prices while using the geocaching apps! Samba Mobile (sambamobile.com) gives you free internet for watching adverts. Every advert you watch on their site gives you 3.5 megabytes of free internet. This internet never expires, so you can build up your credit while it is cold and use it in the summer on your holiday.

They run on the 3 mobile network, so the internet is available almost all around the UK.

You will also need a MiFi (Mobile WiFi) unit for the sim to work. I use the Huawei E5331 because it appears to have the best reviews and has a good design. It is smaller than a normal mobile phone and is about the same weight, so can fit in my free pocket.

I would recommend this to any geocachers using a mobile phone to find geocaches.