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Thread: Visiting UK

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    westernus Guest


    Hello, all,
    We will be flying over to the Uk on May 20th from Portland, Oregon, USA. We've just been overwhelmed at the number of geocaches available and wondered if we might get some advice as to the best ones. We're hoping to find some caches with fairly easy terrain and difficulty, but ones that give us a great visit. We're going to be in London, the Cotswolds, Bath and Cardiff. Do any of you have any suggestions as to ones to hit, miss?? Thanks so much and hope to meet some of you "on the road."


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    The Hokesters Guest


    Hi guys,

    Unfortunately I haven't yet visited the areas you are looking at visiting but might I suggest you re-post this message on the UK forum where you are going to hit a wider audience.

    Good luck and have a great trip...

    The Hokesters

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    I live near Bath and can make recommendations for there and the Cotswolds. Mail me to let me know what sort of caches you'd like to do - historical, views, quick, long walks, micros, traditional etc etc. Bath has lots (I wonder why ) but the Cotswolds much fewer.

    Cardiff has some and you could try "The Geckos" for recommendations.

    I can recommend this this interactive map on

    Hope you enjoy your visit.

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    westernus Guest


    Thanks to the Wombles and The Hokesters for the help. We found some great information in the links you provided. They'll keep us busy when we get there. We found the interactive map and Chris and Maria's tube map of London to be extremely helpful. I'm also looking up caches by your "handles." Thanks for putting all those together. We haven't even done placed one cache yet (although we have all the gear, travelbugs, etc.), so you are an inspiration. westernus

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