Notification Of GPS Jamming Exercise: RAF SCULTHORPE AIRFIELD, EAST ANGLIA, JUNE 2014

The details of the jamming anticipated are as follows:
a. Dates: Between 16th and 20th June 2014 inclusive.
b. Times: 0700 -1900 BST.
c. Location of SINGLE jammer: Land based within 2km of 52 50′ 54″ N, 0 45′ 38″ E.
d. Frequency: A 20 MHz band centred around 1575.42MHz (GPS L1).
e. Total Power: Up to 0.3 Watts EIRP (300mW).
f. Jammers: Omni-directional jammers radiating CW.

It is stressed that, Safety of Life operations will at all times take precedence over exercise activities.
Ofcom stakeholders should contact