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Thread: help with my new gps 60

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    crunchiespg Guest


    ive got a new gps 60 (the yellow one)
    i have a few questions.
    if i am using it in lon lat mode, what map datum should i use in the UK?
    it is on WGS 84, is that correct?

    also, ideally i would like the unit to show me everything in lon lat/ and just on the map page to show me the British OS co ordinates.
    however i can only get it to do the opposite, show me everything in OS co ords, and on the map page in the data field show me lat lon.

    is there anyway i can show the OS grid ref in the data field, but leave everything else in lat lon.
    as im finding that i have to keep changing between the 2, as i want it in lat lon for entering geo caches and parking points etc, but want a quick check of the os grid so i can tell where i am on a map. i dont really need everything in OS grid, just my current location.

    hope this makes sense.

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    i've got the gpsmap 60c

    yes stick with wgs 84

    re long lat and os coordinates....not sure if that's possible. i only use lat long as seems easier in the whole. only rarely need to input when doing multis out and about. download straight from computer all actual caches using easy gps.

    stick with it as it's agood unit.

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