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Thread: Hello from North of York, North Yorkshire

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    Default Hello from North of York, North Yorkshire


    I'm a newbie and also quite new to Geocaching, a pen pal of mine introduced it to me and I got hooked, ive currently found 14 caches, some im still stumped on trying to find them lol.

    I read somewhere on this forum about the indentification cards and someone mentioned print outs explaining, some one came up to me and i always find it hard to explain could someone tell me where i can download them?

    Also i'm looking to meet up with fellow cachers in my area, I've already met a lovely couple, so if anyone from this area wants to meet up and give me any tips of advice hehe.

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    I have a Geocaching problem...
    Work gets in the way!

    * Cache Walker -Caching by byway, not highway!
    Walking and Caching in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire areas

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    Hello raevienne, I am also a newbie to this fun pastime, I'm not that far from you, Scarborough to be exact. I have a low count of 10 at the moment but I know in the weeks to come it will rocket up hehe. I use and their related app on my phone to locate caches. Please feel free to add me as a friend on there if you use that site too. I have the same username Seamonkey76

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