As part of its 10th anniversary last year, it was decided to hold a CITO weekend which has now become an annual event.

It would be great to see more of these icons pop up across the country and for other members to hold their own events where it is not feasible to attend one that a committee member has organised.

To be part of this, all you need to do is:

Host a CITO event on either Saturday 13th or Sunday 14th September

Prefix your CITO event name with GAGB 2014:

Include the following logo and information on your event page

<p align="center"></p>
<p align="center">This is just one of the many events to be be held across the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands as part of the GAGB Annual CITO weekend - which this year is concentrating on the conservational side of CITO.<br /></p>
<p align="center"><img alt="GAGB Logo" src="" align="bottom" height="100" width="285" /></p>

Please let us know about your event (in case we haven't spotted it) so that we can add it to the GAGB Annual weekend CITO events bookmark.