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Thread: West Midlands Police - placing geocaches

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    Default West Midlands Police - placing geocaches

    The Soho & Victoria neighbourhood policing team (West Midlands) have placed two geocaches as a way of interacting with geocachers in their community.

    The caches are:

    Back to the Roots GC556BY
    Turtle Mania GC58MX7

    There has been a news article this week

    I have sent them an email telling them about the GAGB (in case they aren't aware of us) and asked if they would like to write a short article for our next issue of Seeker magazine.
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    The two officers in the article photos look a little scary..............
    Cannot see these caches been ''nicked'' any time soon!

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    The cache seems stocked originally with crime prevention advice - a move I applaud. I am also very happy to see GSP accepting the possibility that some caches with an "agenda" are a good thing.

    What a pity they did not feel so some years ago when a cache was set up near the Tsunami Aid centre after the Ceylon tragedy and required that archived.

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    These police caches break the placement rules... No commercial advertising... (jks)

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