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Thread: GPS data cable

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    andy Guest


    Hi all,

    Just bought a data cable to transfer waypoints from my computer to my Garmin Geko 201. I have just noticed that it has a serial port connection, but my laptop does not have one of these. Can i get a serail to usb converter? Has anyone had this problem and how did it work out for you?

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    Yes you can. Try search for USB cable. PC world probably do them too (may need a mortgage).

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    The Hokesters Guest


    I bought mine off eBay. It was a bit of a pain to setup at first but once sorted it works a dream. Make sure that whichever product you buy that it comes with a driver disk otherwise you will have major problems.

    The last thing to think about is when you plug it in the computer sees the USB port as a serial port so you will have to work out what the COM port number is for the USB port you plug in to. I did this by process of elimination.

    You need to know the COM number to setup the communications settings of GSAK or whatever software you are using to transfer the waypoints.

    Hope this helps - feel free to ask any more questions.


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    andy Guest


    thanks all, brought the cable from a local computer shop and all seems to work ok

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