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Thread: Joe & June

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    Smile Joe & June

    Hi All,
    We are new to the forum but not to caching.
    We live in Gloucestershire so have lots of caching opportunities.
    We completed our 1,474th cache at the weekend.
    Joe & June

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    Welcome to the GAGB Forums Joe & June 😃

    Please feel free to have a look through the forums, there is a lot of useful information and opportunity to contribute as you desire.

    Today - Friday is the last day of the Q&A for the candidates standing for election for the new committee.

    On the home page of the website is a calendar of events, you can purchase cache labels that contain a helpline phone number to the GAGB, there is a Land Owner Database plus lots of resources and information.

    It sounds like you have had lots of geocaching adventures so far too 😃

    Happy Caching

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