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Thread: Garmin GPS

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    m0bob Guest


    I am new to Geocaching and I use a Garmin GPS V at the moment, I already owned this GPS unit so it seemed sensible to make use of it until I decide that this hobby is for me. Once I am sure, then I will buy a smaller GPS, more suited to walking. In the meantime, could someone tell me please if the MapSource software that came with the unit is the best to use, and if there is better software available for the outdoors. (I am not even sure if I can use other software?) I also hope to do quite a bit of Geocaching in N. Ireland and the MapSource software has limited information for N. Ireland. Is there any software that is also better suited to that area?


    Bob - M0BOB.

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    The Hokesters Guest


    Depending on who you speak to Bob you will get different views on what is the best way to get to a cache.

    Your GPSr will do both of the ways to navigate there.

    1. Mapping
    2. Follow the arrow.

    As far as I know you can't put different software on to the Gamin V so you will have to see if the maps work for you. Personally I like to navigate to the site using paper map or TomTom or maps on my PDA then I use the follow the arrow option to find the box.

    Now you run the risk with follow the arrow of going down dead ends, getting stuck on the wrong side of the river, etc but this also happens with mapping as on a small GPSr device the mapping is not too accurate anyway.

    Everyone will have there own opinion about this but my advice is to try both methods and see which works best for you

    Good Luck!

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    yeah don't think you can change the maps on garmin, certainly not on my map60c.

    so i carry pda with memory map to cross ref. i know a friend links his hp pda with gps so that he can get accurate location on memory map. not something i've found i've needed.

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    m0bob Guest


    Thanks for both of your replies, it is becoming a lot clearer now.


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