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Thread: Bristol City Council parks

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    Default Bristol City Council parks

    I recently requested to place a cache within a Bristol park, but they have replied to say they 'routinely refuse any applications for Geocache'.

    This is the first time I have attempted to obtain landowner permission & place a cache and was wondering if anyone with more experience could tell me if this is game over, or if it is worth finding out why/trying to convince them to change their minds?

    It also seems odd, as there are caches in lots of Bristol parks (not just Blaise & Kingsweston where there is a land agreement in place) - is it likely that these have been placed without permission?

    Any advice for the newbie would be appreciated!

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    When I placed a cache on Clifton Downs I went to the park ranger who I found very helpful and happy to have a cache placed within the existing guidelines including on some of the SSSI areas. If I remember correctly this ranger is also responsible for the Blaise estate which may be why there is an agreament for there as well. It might be worth trying to contact the local ranger, you'll often find that going direct to the counciloffices will produce a negative result as they are not necesarly familiar with the area and it's easier for them to say no.
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    I agree with what Mad H@ter has said - you often get a better response if you deal directly with the ranger rather than the office.

    I am local(ish) to Bristol, so if you need any help/advice with regards contacts, then please get in touch.

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