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Thread: Community maintenance on caches

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    Default Community maintenance on caches

    Recently, I posted in the Groundspeak forums about doing maintenance on other people's caches. This was quickly dismissed and considered a stupid idea.

    I did some more caching today to find that some of the caches had their logbooks replaced by other members of the geocaching community. I even found someone who couldn't find the cache, so just left another container (Which I think would be the wrong thing to do).
    So, now a little confused about what is the right thing to do, I'd like to know what other UK cachers think about what you'd do in this kind of situation.

    Do you replace wet logbooks?
    Should damaged containers be replaced?
    Should missing containers be replaced?
    Are US geocachers not as kind and considerate as UK cachers?

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    Only with prior permision of CO
    I'm sure that's not the case, I'm sure the spread of grumpy/kind cachers is prety much the same world wide, including the UK & US
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    Will try to dry a damp/wet cache.
    Log book/sheet left to tide over things until the CO can get there.

    If there's a long list of Needs Maintenance, or comments in logs, the CO obviously doesn't care.
    (If they haven't logged on in ages, is there any point in trying to save the cache?)

    If the CO isn't bothered about things, why should another cacher? (Only the CO can log Owner Maintenance for the cache)
    Let it go, and free the space for someone who cares to place a cache.
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    Default Community maintenance on caches

    I went and found Scotland's first a few years ago. When I got up there the original logbook was still in place but very soggy and on its last legs. This log book essentially is the oldest in the UK and I imagine one of the oldest in the world so I thought it would be in the interests of geocaching to preserve it. So I took the decision to replace the logbook with a new one and bring the original down off the mountain to dry it out. The cache owner no longer is involved in caching so had no interest in preserving it.

    Needless to say I dried it out completely and made sure it was preserved well. I then posted on the cache page that maybe someone's would like to take it back up. I got some very friendly messages and some awful ones as well though. The good ones were offering to help but the bad ones were having a real go at me about how I should not of moved the log.

    Needless to say the log was handed on to another cachet and returned to the cache during the Ayr mega. So it can still be seen up there today.

    I would always try and help if I can see if a log or cache is in a bad state of repair but I would never do a throw down as you could just be adding to confusion.
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