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Thread: New to GPS

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    I want to start searching. What do I do? I live near B'ham & have transport-help. h34r: Cheers Derek.

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    Welcome to geocaching, Derek!

    If you have a gps unit, then just do the following.

    The main cache listing site is Sign up there, then go to the Hide and Seek a Cache page. You can search for caches near you using your postcode or your home co-ordinates. (You can enter your home co-ords in your user profile, so that you can search from them any time without having to re-enter them).

    Caches have a rating out of five stars for difficulty and terrain. They also come in various types. A traditional cache is a simple hidden container, a multi has various stages that lead you to the final container, an unknown or mystery cache usually involves solving one or more puzzles or problems to discover the co-ords of the cache.

    I suggest you start with a traditional cache, and choose one with a fairly low difficulty level. The cache size can be micro (often a film canister), small (beaker-sized), regular (lunch box or ammunition box size), and large (uncommon in the UK). You'll probably find a regular cache easiest at first. Most caches have a hint, encrypted so that you don't read it by accident. Make sure you take the hint with you in case you need it.

    If you don't have a gps unit yet, you can still find caches without one, by using online and paper maps (start with the Streetmap link on the cache page), but you'll probably need to choose easy ones, and you'll probably need the hint. I found my first six caches using just maps and the hints, but I had to make more than one visit to some of them before I found them.

    Happy caching!
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