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Thread: Hidden benefit to landowner

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    As stated elsewhere we have gained permission for caches in Telford Town Park. We have been routinely forwarding the find logs to the park manager who is then forwarding them to all her staff.
    This is forming the basis for a continual park survey as opposed to the annual one they have to do as a public park.
    In other words the cache logs give them live feedback on what people think of the parks.
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    I think this demonstrates one of the very real benefits to landowners of having caches on their land that have been placed with their co-operation and permission. I know that some other landowners have discovered similar benefits with caches on their land, and I think this is something that it's well worth mentioning when applying for landowner permission. The cache will not only bring them visitors, but provide them with immediate feedback too, giving them information about what visitors have thought of their site, and potentially alerting them to problems that may need attention.
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