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Thread: Help a yankee out

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    hsearch Guest


    I have entered the white jeep travel bug contest over here in the USA and am trying to win a new GPS's unit. The contest is open for voting right now thru the 15th October, while geocaching members from the UK are not eligible to win you are eligible to vote. So help out a New England Yankee from Massachusetts USA- hey I didn't throw that tea overboard- but I did spend some money in England while stuck at Heathrow Airport in 1984 for four hours so I did help support your economy (at least a little) and my ancestors did come over from the UK
    So give it a look and if you could vote. I would appreciate your help. Click on the link below then click on nominate if you like it. The category I submitted for was water fording - its a picture of a WJTB crossing a river.
    HSearch's Jeep Entry

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    well you've got to admire his cheek!

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    Woody's Wanderer Guest


    Why not?

    Our cousins across the pond invented this fantastic sport, so the least we can do is help them out a little!

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