Please Note! This suggestion, is not off the North Wales 2016 Mega Committee.
It is a personal offer, to organise a Group Booking
GC6ATF1 Summit Up Snowdon - North Wales Mega Thursday event has been published
A number of people, have expressed a interest in taking the Summit Train, so that they can log the caches at the summit. So if there is enough confirmed interest, I'm happy to arrange a Group Return Booking on the Snowdon Mountain Railway
Tickets cost
Adult Return 26
Children 19
A deposit of 5 per person would be required,
Please Note! Once the deposit has been paid, you are committed to paying the balance, even if you fail to turn up for the journey (this is SMR Terms and Conditions)
A minimum of 25 Seats have to be booked, the carriage seats 74 persons. Wheelchairs and Disability Aid Dogs, are accommodated, subject to prior notice.
In severe weather conditions, the Journey may be terminated at Clogwyn/Rocky Valley (a refund will be applied) or the journey cancelled

A Facebook Group NW2016MegaSMR has been created to allow requests for seats, and organise the Group Booking.

Please Note! Due to Groundspeak's commercial restrictions, the Trip may not be Listed as a Event on GC. However closer to the day, once the Group Booking has been confirmed by SMR, so enabling timings to be known, there is a possibility of a 30 minute Event at the Summit. Which allows all, including those who have walked up to Attend.