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Thread: How long does it take?

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    Has anyone had specific involvement in obtaining permission to cache from a local council, in particular how long did it take?

    I want to place a cache (or 2) on Epsom Common, Surrey. There is a cache on Ashtead Common, which is adjoining, but the 2 appear to be entirely seperate.

    I've e-mailed the Ranger's office, but wondered how long I should wait to chase (it's only been a week so far and I realise councils are notouriously slow&#33

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    Sometimes emails get miss-directed or the contact details have changed. The best way to obtain permission with Council Rangers is generally to make direct contact either by phone or in person. This approach seems to work best here in North Wales, and I've found the personal contact works wonders for getting help with the placement of other caches even if they only manage the land for someone else. Remember their job description is not just the management of the land but also the recreational use of it. Caching not only fits this but also gives them extra eyes keeping a lookout for any problems that might be present.

    My post is my personal opinion and as such you do not have my permission to quote me outside of these forums!

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