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Thread: Permissions with Shrewsbury Council

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    shrimphead&co Guest



    I'm planning to hide some micros around Shrewsbury in Shropshire some time soon, specifically under or around the English and Welsh Bridges, does anyone know which department of the Shrewsbury council I should be trying to contact for this?


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    shrimphead&co Guest


    actually, scratch that, I've gotten through to the right section, they're ok with placing some caches, though I'll have to mail them with details, etc, I've given them the address for and this site, what's the best step to follow next?


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    nobbynobbs Guest


    try to get one of the people addicted to the hobby! it'll make life easier.

    get a print out of the placing conditions and send it to them. or better still see if one of them wants to come out and see you placing one.

    must bag them next time i visit my friend in harmer hill.

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    Contact the time lord or team maddie they have agreements set up all arround shrewsbury, jim (the time lord) is your best bet on this front as he lives in shrewsbury.
    I am sure you have allready done some of his caches.
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