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Thread: Caching on Common Land

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    Ok - i expect i'll get shouted at that this question has been answered before - but i can't find it & there doesn't seem to be one simple answer...

    Can you cache on common land?.. Who is the 'landowner' if you need to seek permission?...

    Have seen several conflicting reports from 'just do it' to - 'it's a nightmare & will take months to get permission'

    If the reveiwers have absoulute say so on what goes live - do they work to a set of rules or is there room for movement?...

    All input greatfully received by a new cacher - 11 found / 2 hidden ( 1 still waiting for permission from forestry commision - of course)


    Dave. dreamer1969

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    The Hokesters Guest


    ALL land is owned by someone (private or public) and when you set a cache you must obtain permission from the landowner. In the case of public land that is most likely to be a council. If you follow the guidelines on this website or at and you maintain pressure and point at the successful agreements listed here you should hopefully get permission quickly.

    Why not ask out on the UK forum if anyone has sought or got permission for the particular area you have in mind?


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    As Simon said, if it's common land it's quite likely to be owned by a council, and if it isn't they may still be able to point you in the right direction. Otherwise, you could try looking for any signs on the land, which may have contact details, or ask locally, in a nearby post office, shop or pub perhaps.
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