Hello All,

I am really very much a newbie. As it stands at the moment, I have not yet geocached - not even once. The thing is, I am doing this as a means to an end. My main interest is heraldry - recording, photographing, describing and categorising. It is no good doing this if I can't share it with others. So, I have a GPS receiver arriving on Monday and I thought to myself "Why not find people who do this kind of thing and see how it is done".

I am not the kind of person to join something and then disappear, so I intend to find out everything I can about this sport/hobby and get truly involved.

To that end, I have two questions.

1 - I see strings of numbers after some people's names (GSxxxxxxx) - What is that all about? Is it a membership number?

2 - Is there a GOOD online tutorial? Something, really basic for people who know nothing?

Well, that's it for now - I will have more questions later.