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    Hi one and all, Aside from my Intro post, this is my first thread. I'm new to GC and still learning. I have 7 finds!! I have 17 DNFs. I will agree that a good deal of these is due to my limited knowledge, my untrained eye and not seeing the cache for the leaves: everything looks like an advert for camouflage!!! However, one or two sites I've visited just don't feel right. They are completely overgrown with brambles and dense foliage, often strewn with litter and detritus, evidence of vandalism, and the last (positive) logs (on are many months ago. I've taken the liberty of requesting some site maintenance, in my belief that GZ is no longer viable. As a result I've received a degree of flak: on one occasion I was told that (the description given above) is to be expected and part of geocaching even though the site is inaccessible and requires gardening tools to clear the thorns. Any thoughts? thanks...

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    Sorry Shaun, can't give you a response to this one.

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    Why did no one respond to this ?
    In answer to the question - it is often a problem with caches that have been laid in the late autumn / winter months - when it comes to the summer the area looks completely different and often as you have described the vegetation has grown all around the cache site making it so much harder to approach or even search.
    There is not a lot you can do about that and there is not much the CO can or will do about that other than make mention of the greater difficulties during those periods. Some may consider relocating it to a place where the vegetation wont be much of an issue, but this rarely happens
    However asking for 'site maintenance' is not something you would request. Unless it is the COs own front garden, they are not going to go to GZ and start cutting down brambles and nettles.
    A comment regarding this in your log will suffice. 'Needs maintenance' markers are really there for when there is an issue with the actual cache itself - the container or the logbook, or as does happen on occasions the area becomes inaccessible due to work taking place in the area and GZ becoming inaccessible for that reason
    Hope that helps albeit 2 years after OP
    Tim - ddm

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    Thank you. I can't understand why no-one replied to this at the time and can only apologise to the OP.

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