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    Hi, one and all, my second post, related to my first, on the same general topic of GZ maintenance. As I'm still learning about GC and being relatively new to this thoroughly absorbing enterprise, I was wondering about site maintenance in respect of whether there is any expectation of the CO to inspect their sites on a regular basis. I haven't put out any caches, but I would like to think that when I do I will on occasion wander out to inspect my caches and provide TLC if needed. I am saddened by the state of some of the cache sites I'm discovering: are COs not expected to prove site inspection/provide a thumbs up (the cache is in situ and intact) otherwise the GC is disabled (albeit temporarily). Don't shoot! I'm learning, and questioning. Any thoughts? Cheers and thanks...

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    Hi Shaun. Sorry can't help you on this one.

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