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    plumbob Guest


    Hello, I have now become a Premium Member so that I can download all the waypoints for the caches. I am using the GSAK software. The only waypoints I am getting are the location of the cache, is this normal or am I doing something wrong. I was expecting to see a list of waypoints for each route. Help would be appreciated.


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    The Hokesters Guest


    Hi Bob,

    I assume you are looking at Pocket Queries?

    Log on to your 'My Account Details' home page and click "Build Pocket Queries"

    Click "Create a new query"

    Ensure you have set the "Show Me xxx Caches" to as many caches as you want in your PQ (max 500 per PQ) then set the other variables. You should get an email shortly in the format you have set (.gpx for GSAK) which you can then import in to GSAK.

    Hope that's clear enough. Shout out if not and have fun

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    lordelph Guest


    plumbob, sounds like you were expecting to be able to download a route or additional coords like parking? Sadly that's not supported - all you get are the listed cache coordinates.

    As Hokesters say, pocket queries are the big premium feature, which let you define a search, like all unfound caches within 50 miles of your house, and have that emailed to you as a GPX file, which contains all the cache info you need to load into GSAK.

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