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Thread: 35mm film case

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    I have found a 35 MM film case inside a tree in warwickshire, it had a pink piece of paper in it with longitude and latitude co ordinates written on it. Written in CAPITALS "THE CASHE AT". I thought i was going to find some stolen money or something, i searched the internet to find out if i could some how work out the location of the coords. I stumbled on and the penny dropped. This is amazing. Thing is i still don't get it ! What is the point? can any one explain. What do i do with the 35mm case. ( I left it in the tree in case i spoilt an organized treasure hunt or something) i wrote the coords down though. HELP!

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    Hi and welcome to Geocaching.

    The film can should be left where it is for the next finder. Congratulations you did the right thing.

    The co ordinates in the film can will probably take you to final cache location, maybe a Tupperware box or an ammo can. This will have swops (mostly kiddie toys) and a log book).

    You then sign the log book and log your find on

    If you go on to please visit the forums as there is loads of useful information in the UK section and plenty of people willing to help.



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    Welcome to geocaching! As Mongoose39uk said, you did the right thing by leaving the container in position.

    You asked, "What is the point?" Well, it is rather like an organised treasure hunt, except there's no real treasure at the end, just a box of swap items and a logbook. For many cachers, the pleasure is in the walk and the location. Each new cache takes you somewhere new, often to the sort of places that only a local would know.

    If you've looked at, you'll probably have a much better idea of what's involved now. If you fancy trying it, but don't have a gps unit, don't let that put you off. Many cachers start without one, and in fact I found my first six using just maps and the encrypted hint which most caches have. Start with easy ones - you'll see that caches are rated on for difficulty and terrain, one star being easiest and five stars hardest. Go for traditionals, which are a single hidden container, rather than multis, which have a number of stages - what you found is one stage of a multi. And go for regular containers, rather than micros, which are often 35mm film containers like the one you found, and so harder to find than a tupperware box or similar.

    If you need any help just ask.
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