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Thread: CITO Weeks 2017

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    Default CITO Weeks 2017

    Hey folks,

    Geocaching HQ have arranged for two CITO weeks in 2017, just as they did in 2016. I see no reason why GAGB shouldn't align with these global dates, and if you agree please do consider arranging CITO events in your locality on one of these weeks
    • April 22-April 30, 2017 - get to it, folks!
    • September 23–October 1, 2017 - I suggest we align GAGB CITO weekend to these dates, too!

    CITOs are a year-round thing, so don't be afraid of organising an event on some other date if there's a need or desire - and if you want GAGB to help advertise, we can retweet or use Facebook or whatever can help.

    Remember that advance notice of CITO events is a very good idea, and regionally-significant events can be published more than three months ahead, so if you are planning the sort of CITO event in the Autumn that will attract people from all across your region, you may be able to ask your reviewer to publish it earlier than June!

    GAGB will provide HTML templates and gather stats of members' CITO events, for the CITOs in the Autumn, which we've been doing as an organisation for many many years!

    (Want advice on organising a CITO? Take a look inside last year's Seeker for some help - Seeker 30, page 17.)

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