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Thread: Hello, Good Morning, Alreet, Howdy, Hiya

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    Default Hello, Good Morning, Alreet, Howdy, Hiya

    Thanks for the approval, hopefully you won't regret admitting me to the forum.

    Started caching to do the Geocaching Badge with my Scouts. However, I now have the bug and have been using the Scout Group GC membership for this purpose. As all the finds were mine personally so I have now adopted the account and changed the name to NanoClown. I will set up a new account for the Scout Group when the time comes to repeat the badge work.

    I currently have 91 finds and am looking to celebrate my 100th with a hide of my own. Hopefully I can think of a suitable container and location for this.

    As most of my finds are urban I can appreciate the need for discrete containers in high muggle areas but I take great delight in finding something that's more daring, unusual, unique or imaginative than 'magnetic nano' or 'base of tree'.

    The last challenge I set myself was to do a cache a day throughout September 2017. Having completed this my next personal challenge is to complete a 50 day consecutive streak, i'm currently on 45 days. I was most disappointed to discover that there are no souvenirs for these, maybe a suggestion to GC HQ.

    Anyway, that's enough for now as there's so many magnetic nanos at base of tree out there that need finding........

    Regards and Happy Caching,


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    Welcome. Geocaching is lots of fun and takes you to unusual and interesting places. There are unknown caches that celebrate challenges such as 50 consecutive finds

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