A little over a week ago I resigned as the new Chairman of GAGB. Paul Blitz, the outgoing Chairman, then asked that I take a week to reconsider my resignation.

This I have done. It seems that I have the support of all those members of GAGB who have since posted or emailed on the matter. During that week, a new committee has come into being, and I believe that I also have the support of that committee. As I said in my resignation message, I feel that GAGB has achieved a great deal during its short life, but I also feel that some things could be improved, and, if nothing else, recent discussion in the forums has clearly shown that there are matters which need attention. I would still like to play an active role in the future of GAGB, address those matters which need attention, and help to forward the objectives of the organisation.

I hereby withdraw my resignation from the post of Chairman of GAGB.