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    Default Commitment to GAGB...

    Curious as to the number of committee meetings held, and how many the committee members 'attended' during the last year.

    eg 8 meetings held, member A attended 8, member B attended 6, etc..
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    It is listed on page 21 of the latest Seeker (#33) ( link) in the Secretary's report (which wasn't written by the secretary!), but I have listed them in order below.

    Sharon Reid (Sharant) - Chair (8)
    Ant Reid (Sharant) (8)
    Graham Haddock (Grahamthegray) (8)
    Caz Turver (border caz) (7)
    Kim Leonard (Leonards193) (7)
    Adam Redshaw (ukcachemag) (6)
    Arthur Griffiths (Griff Grof) (4)
    Adam McCredie (Skippy and Pingu) (4)
    Abigail Hamiliton-Thompson (Abiherts) (2)

    But having re-read the minutes earlier today, not everyone that is shown as attending a meeting was there for the entire meeting.
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    Yes, I have only attended four meetings since December 2016.

    Several meetings took place during term time. As I student, I have a heavy workload, with regular deadlines to meet. Other activities throughout the week take up a lot of time as well. I would like to thank Sharon for understanding this. When I have been unable to attended, I have sent my apologies with due notice.

    I read the minutes after each meeting, and I always check the forum and Facebook group chat, so I feel that I have never fallen behind.

    I do not think the number of meetings I have attended reflects my commitment to the GAGB. I have always completed my tasks between meetings, and I have remained engaged and involved, spending a considerable amount of time during the holidays working on GAGB matters. During meetings, I feel that I added my voice and offered new ideas. I hope my fellow committee members would agree.
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    I attended every meeting in my first term as a committee member despite not having a role within the gagb, I have spent two weekends away from my children attending gagb events with Kim and underwent surgery in June this year with delayed recovery. Many of the online meetings have been during school events (children at different schools) and at short notice.

    Should I be re-elected I would endeavour to attend as many meetings as possible and would hopefully have enough notice to rearrange anything that came up.

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    I missed one meeting because I was out of the country and couldn't get a reliable wifi connection.

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