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Thread: 2017/18 GAGB Committee Election Results

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    Default 2017/18 GAGB Committee Election Results

    As Returning Officer and on behalf of the GAGB Committee,after 267 ballots were cast, the results of the 2017/18 GAGB Committee Election are:

    Election Results for 2017/2018 GAGB Committee

    Answer Options/Response Percent/Response Count
    CazTurver/Border Caz 71.16% 190
    Arthur Griffiths/Griff Grof 68.16% 182
    Kim Leonard/Leonards193 61.05% 163
    Antony Reid/AntReid 61.05% 163
    Paul Standen/Geopaul the vlogger/Dr Evil. 60.30% 161
    Adam Redshaw/UKCACHEMAG 59.93% 160
    Dominic Murray/Geocaching Womble 56.18% 150
    Graham Haddock/Grahamthegray 53.56% 143
    Harri Boorman/GCHarribo 42.70% 114
    Abigail Hamilton-Thompson/Abiherts 41.95% 112

    Answered question (completed ballot): 267
    Skipped question (started, but did not complete ballot): 4

    The top eight vote recipients will serve on the 2017/18 GAGB Committee.

    Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all who stood to serve on the Committee.

    It's been a pleasure serving once again as GAGB Returning Officer.

    At your service,

    Michael Malvick/Ladybug Kids
    2017/18 GAGB Returning Officer

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    Well done to all the new committee members ! Iím sorry if I didnít come across very well. Hopefully I can be nominated again in the future and show myself better.

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    From Harri Boorman (GCHarribo)

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