Hiya, I have probably gone about this completely the wrong way but I have been in contact with various people in Basildon Council by email regarding gaining permission for placing geocaches in Basildon Parks and gardens since mid October.

At the start, I sent an email to the Parks “help desk” and received a quick NO to my request. I went back stating that a large number of national bodies and the majority of Essex Councils allowed geocaches to be placed on their property as well as the benefits so what reasons would they have, to decline permission for Basildon. The “help desk” realised that they were out of their depth so told me that they were moving the request up the chain but inadvertently gave me the name of the assistant manager. I contacted this person directly with copies of previous correspondence but never received a reply for a month until 30/11/17.

When he replied, he said that he had had a brief conversation with his manager and wanted more information. So I went back with a link to an Essex activity site giving information on Geocaching and listing all the Essex Councils and organisations such as the Essex Wildlife Trust that allowed Geocaching. Now what with Christmas and family illness in the New Year, I haven’t followed it up but today, I have sent a reminder.

In the past couple of days, I have learnt the name of the Parks Manager. Now this is probably a master class in how not to do things, so I’m now asking for advice. Should I leave it a week and if I hear nothing, contact the Parks Manager or say sod it and go straight to the Chief Executive of the Council with details of what has gone on so far?

For those in a similar position to me and thinking of contacting their Council, what should have I have done initially or should I have contacted the GAGB asking them to to act on behalf of myself and other local geocachers?

best wishes
Terry aka VangeRover