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Thread: Removing Caches

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    Default Removing Caches

    One of our cache's keeps being removed. Any idea how we can stop this happening. People just take the box and all contents...

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    I've had this happen to two of mine. As long as you have landowner permission already, these ideas might work:
    • Completely change the nature of the container - eg make it a nano, or disguised container
    • It could be animals if it's small - consider placing it in a slightly different manner (hanging, or in a different hole, or something), to avoid being on an animal's usual trail
    • A local person may think they are tidying up - treating it as litter. Consider putting an external label on it, showing it as an 'official geocache'. GAGB sell these, also other shops online.
    • Move it to a nearby but quite different location - anything up to 161m away can be moved by you using a special log type (update coordinates). If you move it farther, or you need to check if it's now too close to something else, contact your regional reviewer.

    Good luck!

    Ant, Committee member, 2016-18
    Ant, of Sharant

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