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Thread: Help needed with Memory Map MMO overlays

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    CrazyL200 Guest


    Daft question from a newbie.

    I'm using GSAK to manage my caches and using Memory Map to navigate with.
    Have MM on the laptop and Pocket Navigator on my PDA.
    Can see how to export to csv files for Mem Map, but I can't get Pocket Nav to overlay the csv files. So I'm loading the csv files onto MM on the laptop and then converting, one at a time, to MMO files before transfering to the PDA.

    Is this right ? Or is there a much better way of doing it ?

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    Sounds a very long way round!
    If you have successfully put the waypoints into Memory Map and the PDA is connected simply go to the "PDA" command and drop down to "Export Data to PDA" and they should appear.
    Have fun!
    Enjoy your caching!

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    CrazyL200 Guest


    Hmmmmm, got that bit, but I've got so much data on my laptop MemMap, that exporting to the PDA does several things :

    1 PDA runs out of memory (I'm using a 2GB Hi speed SD card !!!! with all applications loaded on the card, not the PDA memory) the userdata file transfered during the export is over 11MB in size, this is because I have a lot of waypoints, tracks and routes always visible on the laptop. So many it would take just as long to go through them and hide all of them, not to mention the time it would then take to make them all visible again afterwards.

    2 running out memory is followed by a sharing violation error message

    3 the sharing violation prevents Memmap from shuting down properly.

    What I need to be able to do is transfer a pre-determined batch of MMOs to the PDA with out having to go the "long way round" as in my previous post. Or am I asking too much of the kit ???

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